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Descriptive Essay代写范文-《船上的午宴》

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  • 作者:致远教育
  • 导读:本文是一篇DescriptiveEssay代写范文,本文主要采用了意识流的写法,从自己的感受出发,描写了在这场派对中的所见所感。文章结构清晰,分视觉、听觉、嗅觉和味觉四个方面,每种感官一个paragraph,首尾的introduction和conclusion也恰到好处。用词方面生动准确,句式富有变化,整篇文章非常优美。
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本文是一篇Descriptive Essay代写范文,题目Luncheon of the Boating Party。本文主要采用了意识流的写法,从自己的感受出发,描写了在这场派对中的所见所感。文章结构清晰,分视觉、听觉、嗅觉和味觉四个方面,每种感官一个body paragraph,首尾的introduction和conclusion也恰到好处。用词方面生动准确,句式富有变化,整篇文章非常优美。


Luncheon of the Boating Party


Boarding the boat, I saw the group of guests already dining delightfully. Monsieur Renoir must have spent a huge amount of money on this luncheon. No, this is not something that can be seen alone; thou shall hear, smell and taste as well.

首段,作者首先总体描述了船上有一群客人在愉快地进餐,作者雷诺阿一定为这顿大餐花费不菲,然后提出了中心论点(Thesis statement):这幅场景不但可以看,还可以听、闻和尝。

Body Paragraph 1(主体段1)

Just by looking at the scene, it is evident that the party is remarkably luxurious. Bottles and bottles of first-class wine, bought exclusively for this party, stood erect on the table. Delicious food, including fruits and vegetables as well as French dishes, was served to everyone. Different colours spread all over the table; purple from grapes, green from pears, red from apples, yellow from cheese… Gorgeous, restless colours, dancing, tangling, flying from here to there, mixing together. Oh, is this beauty not something beyond the language of humans? For even using the word “dazzling” would be like comparing the light of a candle to Apollo himself.


接下来,作者用了一句反问:Oh, is this beauty not something beyond the language of humans?(啊,这难道不是人类语言无法描绘的一种美妙吗)这句话非常具有感染力,唤起读者与作者一起走入这幅画,感受这种美妙。

最后,作者用一句比喻结束:For even using the word “dazzling” would be like comparing the light of a candle to Apollo himself.(就连用“炫目”来形容都只不过像是用烛光比喻太阳神阿波罗一样逊色。)

Body Paragraph 2(主体段2)

I closed my eyes and listened carefully. On the boat, I could hear chitchats, laughter and sounds of chewing, striking from every identifiable direction. When I walked closer to the edge, nonetheless, I can even hear the sound of the waves splashing, the birds singing, the bullrush shaking with the breezes blowing gently… Everything just seems so loud, yet so quiet; so insignificant, yet so lively. It feels human, like a part of a welcoming community.

第二个主体段落,作者切换到听觉。值得注意的是,作者都是从自己角度出发,用"I can…", "When I...",描写了听到的聊天声、笑声、咀嚼声、敲击声从各个方向传来,走到船边,还能听到波浪溅起水花的声音、鸟儿的鸣叫声、芦苇随着微风摆动的声音……


这也是descriptive essay写作的一个要点:结合自己的感受,并代入自己的情感,会令你的文章更有感染力。

Body Paragraph 3(主体段3)

Suddenly I smelled something. Was it the very fine soupe à l’oignon? Or was it the cassoulet? Eh, bien - it was the latter. The very smell of cooked meat, combined with the smell of wine, fresh fruits and Mother Nature herself, is the finest scent in the whole La Troisième République, if not the world!


在这段中,作者又采取了与前两段不同的写法,巧妙地变换句式,以设问句开始:Was it the very fine soupe à l’oignon? Or was it the cassoulet? 并自问自答。“哦这香气是法式洋葱汤吗?还是豆焖肉?嗯,是豆焖肉。”将自己内心活动的写照生动地传递给了读者。

Body Paragraph 4(主体段4)

Monsieur Laforgue!” I turned around and saw a waiter holding a tray walking towards me. “Here is your portion, sir. Please enjoy!” “Ah, merci!” I cried as the busy waiter left to serve other guests. The irresistible colour and smell of the cassoulet tempted me to have a bite. As soon as I put it into my mouth, the high-quality meat melted like gelato; the taste is extraordinary. I poured myself a glass of wine and took a sip; the bitter taste of wine, along with the taste of the cassoulet, lingers on my tongue.



Ah, what a wonderful party indeed! Not only can colours be seen, but also voices can be heard and food can be tasted. With all my senses used, I can genuinely feel the lively and fascinating party with all parts of my heart.