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本文是一篇Essay代写范文,题目为The subtle relationship between music and devices,本文主要讨论了音乐和设备之间的微妙关系。范文内容和格式仅供留学生参考学习,不得抄袭,如有Essay代写需要,请联系网站客服。


The subtle relationship between music and devices



With the development of science and technology, it is becoming more and more common for us to use smartphones, cellphones and personal computers. In this paper, I want to research the subtle relationship between music and those technology products. To research this issue, the creation, development, performance, dissemination of music, development of music instrument and the digitalized music now is necessary to take into consideration because they all have connections with smartphones, cellphones and personal computers.


Traditional music creation progress has been changed传统音乐创作进程发生了变化

Music activity is a re-creation activity. By playing musical instruments, singing, and performing a variety of arts including command, the song with a specific sense of sound manifested, it conveys to the audience in order to play its social function. It is music and music appreciation intermediary that plays an essential part in the activities. Conductors, instrumentalists, singers make different interpretations and music performance, giving the audience with different effects and feelings through their own artistic practice.


Music is a kind of creation that reflects the nature of artistic activity. This is determined by the characteristics of the art of music itself. In order to preserve the sound of music, we will use two methods in the past: one is the through the performer's mouth body to write the music down; one is writing the music into a sort of notation scores preserved for future generations to play. However, memory is not always the same.


Performing artists and genres’ requirement of performing varies because of the different means of performing. For example, the requirement for conductor should include the ability to organize and keep members in an excited mood. So the piano accompanist will have good contrast solo or play solo home characteristics, and so on. But the big point of view is no more than two aspects: First, he should have great artistic accomplishment so that he is able to grasp the various historical periods of music, different characteristics and specific performance practices. The second one is to master the high performance skills. Specific work should not be done mechanically like reproducing notes on the music, but should be able to reflect the rich connotation of the song, both in period style and personal characteristics.

If a group of performing artists have a similar understanding of musical works, performance practices and performance style of communication, realize their duty to historical or social, and form a more stable performance tradition, with its own characteristics, it can be said as the formation of some kind of performance genre . Each nation has formed in the respective periods because of a lot of music genres. It often characterized through various genres of music education spread to future generations, to make music and cultural exhibits in a more colorful style. In the West, instrumental music in the piano, violin and vocal music concert genre are more prominent. In China, ethnic instrumental music in the piano, lute and singing about the opera genre, have their own characteristics. Vocal concert genre has gradually formed.

Therefore, performing artists on the interpretation of the song has become an important issue. This initiative with virtuoso interpretation is a re-creation activity. Further creative activity is repeatedly played by gradually deepening (and there are virtuoso performances for repeatedly fall into the same rigid case). Since the 20th century, with the development of public propaganda recordings, radio, film, television and other audio and video, you only need a performance can meet the requirements of a large audience. Therefore, the performance requires perfection, as complete as possible. On the other hand, reduced the advantages brought by repeatedly playing that random improvisation virtuoso scene re-creation features.

The interpretation of the song and re-creation, depending on age, nationality, generally has the freedom and the strict two cases. In general, the Western Baroque era before music and much non-Western music, allowing the re-creation (or improvised) in wider scale, the reason or because of traditional habit, or because of insufficient careful notation. Thus, performing basic skeleton was often based on memory or musical score provided by some sort of freedom and improvisation complement and play. After the classical period of music, according to the strict spectral performance, improvisation is limited to the designated portion of composers such as concerto cadenza, etc. Re-creation performance is mainly reflected in the music of treatment, such as speed (including freedom of speed) and urgency law clause, the strength of contrast, sound, and certain elements of the music (such as harmony, timbre, texture, etc. ) is stressed or weakened. If you are familiar with a certain historical period music player features, such as speed of customary meaning of the term strength of the mark, the usual ornaments playing method, etc., and the more faithfully reproduce the content specified in the score, you can often reflect the prevailing style of the times. This is known as the more stringent performance. On the contrary, if you doing more liberal treatment, it will bring my habits and tastes, reflecting the personal characteristics. In general, the relationships between the era of style and personal style how, because performing artist’s musicianship, performance skills and different personalities and have different levels of differences.

The computer will greatly narrow the scope of application of the pen, and the transformation of various forms with the pen as a means. If the pen is a simulation-based art, then, computer art at this stage figures into its own characteristics. Scores for music recording spiritual music creation process is divided into two stages of creation and material creation. The use of computer music, spiritual creation stage with the traditional spirit of the creative process is to bring different material factors. And it has already transformed consciousness acoustics sound independent of reality. Material creation stage in the spiritual creation phase has begun, and late work is to make the model more sophisticated and well-organized. Computer provides the convenience of changing the concept of music, breaking musical sensibility unnatural material, non-correspondence and non-conceptual, creative musical sensibility material further widened. But the computer cannot replace the human brain to create music.

In fact, the impact of electronic products to life is bidirectional. On the one hand, people start to have easy access to information and information access speed becomes faster. On the other hand, people's life has become extremely monotonous. Another monotonous monotone from the content network stereotyped songs, fast-food news, is just like people eat a lot of junk food, had no chance to digest. They began to eat the meal, and finally the brain becomes crowded, really valuable stuff, but nowhere stored.

How technology change the music industry科技如何改变音乐产业

After distinguishing the recording industry from the overall music business, we can see how advanced digital technology, including personal computers, digital recorders, the internet, legal online distribution services and illegal p2p services have already changed the music industry.

Such technologies have made artists and fans alike less dependent on the recording industry to create and distribute music. For instance, many artists and recording engineers are able to record high-quality albums from homemade studios using sophisticated equipment that was too expensive to purchase in the past. In addition, consumers no longer have to drive to the store to purchase CDs at high prices. Instead, they can simply sit in their homes and download music using both legal and illegal digital distribution services. Such a distribution model has caused record companies to become less integral in the artists’ success. And if they want to exist in the future, they must adapt to the changing face of music distribution or die.

In addition to the way music is created and distributed, the authors find technology greatly impacting the way music is marketed and promoted to fans. In the past, marketing was typically the role of record labels that used the radio and MTV to promote their artists. But today both of these channels of promotion are less effective and are being replaced by more direct marketing tools such as cell phones, artist websites, pod casting, internet radio, and even video games. Developing direct relationship with fans is vital for music companies and artists in the wake of the growing exposure fans will have to confront new artists all competing for their attention and dollars.

The 20th century was mainly dominated by western music. West music plays a monopoly role on the mass media. Whether television broadcasting or record store, according to Western music and musical aesthetic creation of secondary western music, occupying most of the music spread of the market, folk music and folk music hidden in the mountains and desert mountains island, the musicians can only hell and high water, by virtue of their ears, pen and paper to make the difficult academic research, third World music (including folk music and folk music from folk music) only as a musical element embellishment Western music. Costly and inconvenient technology dissemination backward equipment to the general public missed sharing these treasures of human culture.

The late 1980s, a new digital media technologies at the user level and technical level has been recognized by the music industry and the media industry, musicians began to really go into the Third World, to study and excavation of new music, which also contributed to the new the musical style trend formation. After a series of packaging, a new style of music has been given a variety of concepts, the World Community music "(World Music) and New Age music (New Age) is one of the representatives.

Pop music and modern technology melt into a region of traditional music among a contemporary music. Thus, the World music industry refers to a composite of all ethnic groups in the world outside North America and Europe, music, and different ethnic music. Therefore, from the elegant Chinese folk music to the rugged African folk, from the colorful Andean highlands of Indonesian Gamelan music to beautiful music, from little-known music of Bengal to the tough Korean rap music, art treasures from the Spanish flamenco Ge to a multi-national treasure Portuguese law, are considered World Music (World Music). Now, the record store opened a special world music shelves, network altar numerous world music downloads, you can secluded side street in the alley, you can hear the music from the distant days of the domain in the bustling city streets. People of Third World national folk music has been a fundamental change in attitude, they began deliberately put Third World music as a kind of a unique style and brand of music merchandise, folk music cultures around the world, just like the local property has become a valuable asset. He had when scholars will make for a strong modern media paradigm various national music culture increasingly anxious demise, "cursive, cups stop" Willow bank flower Ming Yau Yat Chuen, it now appears that this century has been the topic have the answer: the nation that is the world, the new era of digital media technology enables demise and the rise of ethnic music coexist.

Another typical musical style as globalization is new age music (New Age). "New Age" also translated a new era of music. Opinions about its origins, but one thing is certain, this musical form appeared no earlier than the 1970s. It was published by the Oxford Dictionary of Music when there is no New Age this entry. The late 1960s, with the development of new media technologies, some German musicians will the concept of electronic synthesizer sound into the sound playing or impromptu performances, many of the new generation of musicians inspired way to use more dollars to explore new areas, this period includes the New Age music has been the development of the prototype. In 1973, the San Francisco group Ajinomoto his life at a festival musicians meet, these people suddenly found that although they've never talked to, but the music between each other there is a lot in common. These are from meditation and soul music as the starting point of creation, which is a different from any previous type of music they put this non-endemic, non-classical, with electronic sound and experimental nature of the music style named New Age, refers to is an "epoch-making, the new century music." In the mid-1980s, New Age music has matured; the magazine began to set up the new century list. The 29th Grammy Awards held l 986 years, but also the addition of the new century album of the year award, which can be regarded as New Age for the first time clearly become a symbol of globalization, one of the music category. New Age music often sounds around us, and now more and more advertisers begin with New Age as background music, a lot of television are also keen on using the new century as their leader or the end of the song.

Due to the different cultures and cultural backgrounds of people, of all ages, different occupations, different people have different gender preferences, culture, entertainment, and information they need is different, different audiences at different levels to meet the requirements of the media industry for a long time dream. As a new technology in digital media technology platform, from the Internet, digital cable television, mobile communications to the phone, have a very strong interpersonal interaction, interactive features, this is an important milestone in the development of human civilization. Especially Intermit Internet, but it is not anything special about the ubiquitous presence, it is owned by everyone, but it has none of the organizations and agencies can control it and manipulate it, "freedom" of the universal values of humanity in the digital age can be achieved. The rise of the Internet in the 1980s, is currently the world's largest information network, has been connected to more than 150 countries and regions, with billions of individual users. More importantly, a wealth of online information resources, from the news, technology, business, the arts into all aspects of personal life, all-encompassing, on human social life had an immeasurable impact. People on both transmission network plays multiple roles who is subject to those who pass, the real-time status information exchange, update, purposeful technology always implies each technology

Like spontaneous adaptation to social it exists. Technology does not change the historical logic, technology logical subject to

Social and historical logic. New transnational dissemination of information on the production mechanism of individual and collective senses of individual and collective information so that cultural acceptance mechanisms in various fields has become a consumer activities. The marketing and advertising is any pillar consumption patterns "(Armand Matra). Entertainment is a wide range of concepts, as long as people feel relaxed, fun, leisure, and entertainment related to both the music is entertainment experience an important role in doing my part. with the advent of the digital era is booming creative industry, entertainment become elements of all commodities in the field of music spread from cell phones to Coke, from computers to refrigerators, businesses and seize every opportunity to become attached to music . Consider: the original features of this mobile phone for communication, but today, mobile phones have become synonymous with entertainment, ring tones, MMS, pictures, games, Internet, MP3, PDA…… What function does not add to have ringtones? in recent years, born out of thin air made this work, so many people have about a career change music sources to maintain life, "Starbucks coffee is not only delicious, as well as wonderful music, music is the best coffee mate! Tingyi want more people enjoy its ice tea, so 'ice force tryouts pioneer band' was held in the country catch! Founder Computer catch "(House of Flying Daggers" and let the cold computer injecting human factors increased the number of market magic! Tsinghua Tong fang MTV awards ceremony hand in hand, so that people feel about this quartet of four flute machine suddenly become pleasing them.

Japan's Sony Corp. This is a electronic product manufacturers, for marketing its home electronics consumer products, as early as the 20th century, 80 years to develop a strategy to guide the consumer entertainment and cultural trends, creating a "Sony Music" o. The annual "Lycra Fashion Awards ceremony" has become the entertainment event, "Lycra I line my SHOW" national idol singer letting Dubanglaika Grand Prix start selling o. Now, not only those highly fashionable products rely on big advertising entertainment factor, even the food, beverage, IT, automotive, travel and other products are using the entertainment factor: fashion go SHOW, opening the property to hold concerts, and even McDonald's they are not catering are nominal, but the entertainment industry. The entertainment onto the economic scene is huge entertainment spending power in contemporary society, the trend of "pleasure-oriented consumption", consumers are looking for entertainment content anytime. Music is an important part of the entertainment factor, the entertainment economy to the music industry with a gigantic gift cake, manufacturers are aware of all walks of life, music and cultural factors that can give a large number of industry brands inject vitality.

The existence and development of anything has its two sides. Music commercialization occurs despite its inevitability, and has brought some benefits, but as a spiritual product with commercial property in the market exchange process, as producers and consumers will be solely linked to the realization of economic binding, it will have a negative impact. 1. The form and content of the cart before the horse: today's music, from Creation to perform to go through numerous "outposts" of the operation, through continuous screening, through attractive packaging was presented in front of the public. "Packaging" is a noun in recent years in pop music is frequently used, it is undeniable that in modern commodity marketing, the merchandise in advertising prior to entering the market from the product packaging design, etc. are important. But the music for "packaging" in the form of the United States, but they ignore its meaning - the music itself to convey the spirit and essence. Even some record companies and all types of brokers, in order to achieve the purpose of high-yield, at the expense of society at the expense of public morality.

It is not clear outlook on life and worldview of young people adversely affected. Some young people in the pursuit of fashion, it is also lost in a wide variety of sensual self. It is a kind of abuse and misappropriation of intellectual property: in the record industry, some unscrupulous traders in order to reap high returns, at the production of a large number of pirated products, greatly disrupt the market. In recent years, despite rising voices of intellectual property protection, more and more original music has been applied to many aspects of television advertising, abuse or misappropriation of others music for television, advertising and music phenomenon is increasingly reduced, but the media reports related there is also still time appears.

First it is necessary for us to truly realize harm of overuse electronic products. Excessive watching TV, the Internet due to decreased vision; stay up all night playing games occupied the most valuable sleep time, so that the body were injured; and family relations, because of the emergence of electronic products will become alienated two. Only truly recognize these hazards, you can avoid this kind of addition.

Second you can find effective alternatives. "My own request is to let you grow daily harvest of knowledge, conscience growth, and muscle growth." Guorong said he had quit TV 4 months, and now with the time spent watching TV each day reading, sports. "Assuming the Internet three hours a day lounging year is 1000 hours, the university is generally a course 50-100 hours. Think how much class time can be wasted on you?"


Finally, it would be better the use of non-electronic products decorate life. This engaging and buy a few books, children listen to a concert, go outdoors playing baseball, than the Internet, listen to MP3, play computer games much more meaningful.

For music performance, the development of technology has its two sides. Using it to spread the music, and make them not control the creativity and limit your creation is what we can do.


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